Be smart with your boat
and your time

Make sure your boat gets all the love and attention she deserves. The best thing you can do for your boat and your pocket (we’re thinking about those pesky mooring costs) is to ensure that your boat is being used and enjoyed safely, even when you’re busy.

It’s safe. It’s secure.
You’re in control

We’ve taken every step to ensure the safety of your prized possession. We understand the competency of anyone setting foot on your boat and insurance requirements. We know where your boat is going and that it will be handled appropriately.

You control the availability of your boat through your calendar and can block out dates for your own use at any time.

We take away the fuss to have someone on board while your boat is not in use

Having guests to stay with the worriese taken away? Sounds impossible. But we’ve cracked it.

Board a Boat’s team of highly-trained, professional yachtsmen have got your back. Having reliable skippers on hand means that you don’t have to manage customers or be at your boat when it goes out. Let us keep your boat clean and running smoothly, we’ll even tell you if we spot an issue or something that might require maintenance.

Show someone the beauty in boating

Our customers are people like you who have a strong sense of adventure and high expectations when they travel. With your boat and one of our captains, we can show them the hidden gems around your location. Our yachtsmen have an abundance of local knowledge to share and the awareness and experience to safely navigate to the most exciting and unexplored spots.

What happens next?

It's simple, you complete a form to get you started. We'll then give you a feasibility assessment, so you know exactly what is required. You can add your boat's captain or we will introduce some in your area.
Imagery is a powerful thing, so let’s show everyone the most inspiring pictures of your boat. We’ll be in touch with all the details to finalise your listing.

Is your boat right?