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This is Frank Sykes

founder of Board a Boat
Well versed in all issues surrounding boat
ownership, an experienced sailor and boat hirer

"I used to own a Dehler 39 in the UK which I used for offshore racing. I wanted to hire
my boat out to cover some of the costs but found it far too complicated. When I no
longer had my own boat, I couldn’t find anywhere to hire easily either. That’s when
I thought, ‘I need to solve this’, and built Board a Boat! Now boat owners can make
money by hiring their boats easily and hirers can easily find and book boats."

How Board a Boat came into existence

In the beginning there was the current charter market. Then along came Frank, looking to put his boat up for hire to cover the costs of mooring. Problem was that there was nowhere that he, as a private boat owner, could hire out his boat. The processes he encountered were long and complicated, unnecessarily so. He noticed that there were lots of small charter companies around but no easy way to compare the boats that were out there and get a fast confirmation of the booking. Frank used technology to support his dreams for the leisure boating industry and set up a user-friendly, peer-to-peer hiring platform meaning that anyone can hire a boat! Board a Boat caters for everything from your first time on a boat to going out regularly and challenging the skills you already have.

Today, Board a Boat is the place to go for secure and simple boat hire.

  • We’re secure: Hirers are verified for the boat owners’ peace of mind.
  • We’re safe: We make sure all boats are fitted with the latest safety equipment.
We work with the best: Skippers’ experience and qualifications are verified and they all have to meet BaB’s high standard of service.

Board a Boat Limited

20 Eastbourne Terrace, London, W2 6LG
help@boardaboat.com - +44 203 287 9579